• June 29, 2017
    Routes to innovation / Worlds of technology

  • On June 29th, attendees will discover how Leti tackles current challenges such as environmental concerns, health transitions and digital transformations. Three routes towards innovation introducing technologies, roadmaps, demonstrators and innovative objects from Leti and its partners will address the above issues, among others, while helping both industrials and society to welcome the future with greater confidence. Lab, start-up and partner corners will propel visitors into a future that Leti draws for and with its partners.
  • Discover Digital Transformation RouteTHE DIGITAL REVOLUTION:


    At the heart of the transformations of our era, digital networks challenge the mechanisms of creation and distribution of value, "disrupt" organizations and sectors, and require all to open up to the new digital modernity.
    As the enabler of information technology, integrating platforms that bind together the physical and digital worlds, electronics supports the entire range of new services offered to humanity, their effectiveness and their safety.
    But the technical and economic cost of entry is often high, the complexity too large to allow solitary approaches. That is why for the past 50 years, Leti has offered its partners the opportunity to leverage its technologies in order to work as a team to break through the barriers that hold back our common future.


    Healthcare has never ceased to evolve as technology has progressed, but also in the light of changes in our way of life, our habits and our environment: aging populations, industrialization, urbanization, and globalization. Healthcare costs are under pressure. Better-informed patients are looking for personalized solutions to ensure their health and well-being. Faced with these evolutions and challenges, the new frontiers of healthcare are to be found in the convergence of biology, technology and information.
    Throughout the healthcare delivery cycle, "prevention-diagnosis-therapy-follow-up", Leti possesses a wide portfolio of technologies, skills and platforms to develop new solutions to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s healthcare. A commitment, alongside healthcare professionals, led by multidisciplinary teams mastering the specificities of clinical research and the industrial standards of the medical sector.
    Discover Environmental Challenges RouteTHE ENVIRONMENTAL TRANSITION:


    Whether it’s a question of limited resources, pollution, the quest for efficiency or the precautionary principle, no economic activity escapes the environmental challenge. Industry is revisiting its varied processes, transport is exploring new avenues, the powerful energy sector itself is in the throes of reinvention. The common thread to all of these new dynamics: the need to enrich all systems with the black gold of the 21st century, data.
    Microelectronics is presented with a contradictory challenge : to be the engine that serves these data-hungry new markets, while containing the ecological footprint of large information systems.
    At the heart of a research organization dedicated to energy issues, LETI has long been aware of these challenges and offers its partners a complete set of technological capabilities, from materials to networks, in order to balance the difficult economic and environmental equations of a world in transition.

  • Leti, a technology research institute at CEA Tech, is a global leader in miniaturization technologies enabling smart, energy-efficient and secure solutions for industry. Founded in 1967, Leti pioneers micro- and nanotechnologies, tailoring differentiating applicable solutions for global companies, SMEs and startups. Leti tackles critical challenges such as healthcare, energy and ICTs. From sensors to data processing and computing solutions, Leti’s multidisciplinary teams deliver solid expertise, leveraging world-class pre-industrialization facilities. With a staff of more than 1,900, a portfolio of 2,700 patents, 91,500 sq. ft. of cleanroom space and a clear IP policy, the institute is based in Grenoble, France, and has offices in Silicon Valley and Tokyo. Leti has launched 60 startups and is a member of the Carnot Institutes network.
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